Stikla mākslinieks

MIJA glass artist

"It's no coincidence, I don't believe that people can meet and anything can happen, just like that," says our glass artist Juris Tashkovs, and we agree.

It is no coincidence that today Juris, who we affectionately call "our glazier" from unnecessary glass, forms MIJA dishes for candles. In fact, we have met because we have something in common - we want to do what makes us happy - Juris' desire to continue what he started 10 years ago, but we have to take on new challenges!

Like Juris, we have an interesting ecological idea. The idea that Juris can make a glass jar from the bottles that the people have thrown in the forest, in which we, in turn, pour a candle, is a great satisfaction!

"Human was created and nature was left to serve, we are supreme beings and we must be its good masters," Juris is convinced.